In the midst of Riff Raff dropping three music videos yesterday (June 18), a possible beef between him and former affiliate, Soulja Boy began surfacing.

The first shots were fired yesterday afternoon, when Soulja Boy took to his Twitter account tweeting, “riff raff is not in sodmg.” Shortly after, he followed up with “Riff Raff was never in Sodmg for real he faked and used our name to promote his garbage you owe us money pussy and u a cokehead.”

XXL caught up with Riff Raff to get the scoop on the war of words between the two that took place yesterday.

“I was in Vegas just a few days ago and we talked on the phone late at night. Riff Raff explained. “He was telling me, ‘I thought you were still loyal to SODMG’ and [I] told him it wasn’t like that. I still wanted to do an album together and all the other shit we had planned.”

“Then [yesterday] all of a sudden people started hitting me up asking about this Soulja Boy thing and I had no idea what people were talking about,” he continued. “Then I saw the tweets. I’m not even tripping over it because I’m doing bigger things now anyway, but it’s kind of like you had a LeBron James on your team, and now he no longer plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he’s upset. But how are you so mad? You weren’t even mad when Lil B stopped repping SODMG, so I don’t even get it.”

On the partnership that never fully materialized between Riff Raff and Soulja Boy, Riff Raff added: “ I wanted to be with SODMG at first, but once I got over there, I saw he wasn’t gonna push me or promote me in the way I needed, so obviously I had to move around to where the money was at. It’s a job. You’re gonna wanna go where you’re treated properly and where there’s more money.”

Riff Raff denied any hard feelings from his end, concluding: “At the end of the day it’s business. If he comes back tomorrow and says he wants to do the Riff Raff Soulja Boy album, I’d still do it because I think people would like to hear it. I’m not mad. You never gave nothing to me and I gave nothing to you”

Tonight, Riff Raff and Diplo will be celebrating his move to Mad Decent with an official signing party at BLOK nightclub in Los Angeles. – Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)