Rico Richie has no time for the pettiness. The Atlanta rapper calls it like he sees it on the new single "You Petty" featuring Snootie Wild. The 20 Vision produced track is all about Rico getting fed up with the way things are moving in the industry these days.

"It's just the way I feel about the game right now," Rico said of the new track. "It just seem like the music business is over populated with petty people. It's almost like the money they getting don't matter if they see somebody else getting more money or doing good they wanna do what it takes to go out of their way to stop them. That's petty to me."

Snootie Wild's contribution to "You Petty" came to be in an impromptu manner. Rico Richie was in the middle of recording the track when Snootie arrived at the studio. The "Yayo" rapper like what he heard and let Rico know he wanted to jump on it

"Snootie my brother like same father different mothers you dig, so it was natural," Rico said. "He pulled up to the studio in the middle of me making the song and was like, 'I'm putting a verse on this Richie' and it just happened. I called Propane and told him we just made the next wave and we need to get it to the people."

Rico Richie and Snootie Wild's collaboration will appear on the former's upcoming Legendary mixtape. The new project is scheduled to drop on Labor Day (Sept. 5).

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