The Rick Ross show was in full effect when the MMG rapper, Young Thug and Wale all popped up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform "Trap Trap Trap" yesterday (April 26). It was glorious.

Starting things off, obviously, was Rozay, spitting with plenty of authority as he rapped until his voice turned raspy at the end of his verse. Next up was Thugger, who bounced around the stage with a ton of energy as he spit his verse. Rozay was clearly made for the bright lights that come along with late night talk shows and Thugger is no different.

Last, but not least, was Wale, who began his verse standing among The Tonight Show crowd before making his way on stage. Wale's coming off announcing his newest album, titled Shine, is coming a week earlier than expected, officially dropping this Friday (April 28).

Rozay, Thugger and Wale ended their performance giving each other dap, and Fallon announced that the album "Trap Trap Trap" is from, Rather You Than Me, is available for purchase now. Pretty dope promotion.

Speaking of promotion, yesterday (April 26) saw Thugger suddenly announce the coming of what he calls a singing album. “Singing album this week,” Thug wrote on Twitter last night. “E.B.B.T.G. EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS. @Drake will be EP’n my singing album.”

There's no word on what day, exactly, Thugger will be dropping the project, but we hope it's today or tomorrow. In any case, you can peep Rozay, Thugger and Wale go to work in the video below.

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