Rick Ross admits he didn't understand math in school and still hasn't learned multiplication to this day.

In a video interview with AfroTech, which was posted on the outlet’s Instagram account on Sept. 10, 2021, but flew under the radar and is now going viral, the Miami Bawse admitted he wasn’t good with multiplication and hid that he didn’t know the answers.

"I was a comedian, I had a good sense of humor," he shared. "I was the funny dude and all that. And I don’t think just because I naturally wanted to be the jackass, but I didn’t know the answers to the questions and all the stuff [the teachers was] writing on the wall. And that might’ve been my way to cover that up because I never understood, I never learned my multiplication, still to this day.”

So when it came time to learn pre-algebra, Ross said he was lost and had to figure out another craft he was good at.

“So imagine, when they began going into pre-algebra, A equals E, that shit was like a whole other language to me, I just wanted to walk out of the goddamn...'What are you talking about? A equals E? What is this?’” he recalled. “So, I knew right then, while I was sitting in the math class, I wanted to learn to be a great speaker. So that’s what made me become a writer. And I think that’s why I’m a author now.”

Ross is likely referencing his latest book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler's Guide to Building Your Empire, which was published last September. In the book, Rozay offers money managing advice and other tips to help you become a boss in life and the workplace.

Although the Maybach Music Group head honcho may not know his multiplication, he certainly knows math. The rap veteran has amassed a huge fortune with his Wingstop franchises and other business ventures. Ross owns multiple homes as well.

Mathematics aside, check out XXL’s latest interview with Rick Ross as he shows off his vintage car collection at The Promise Land (a.k.a. his Fayetteville, Ga. mansion) below.

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