This past Tuesday, Rick Ross released his latest album, Teflon Don. The LP is Ross' fourth solo release and, if this week's projections turn out to be correct, it has the potential to be his fourth consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. For that to happen, though, it means that he'll have to overtake Eminem's Recovery, which has sat atop the charts since it dropped in mid-June and has already gone platinum.

Earlier in the week, XXL posted its official rating of the album. But after our Aim & Fire discussion about whether or not Ross can stand on his own two, we decided to break the album down even further to see just how much time the Bawse spent on his own disc. Here, we break Teflon Don down by the numbers... "Young and radical, methods are mathematical." —Compiled by Adam Fleischer and Calvin Stovall

Number of Tracks: 11

Number of Featured Guests: 15

Number of Songs Where a Featured Artist's Voice is Heard More than Ross': 4 (T.I., "Maybach Music 3;" Trey Songz, "No. 1;" Chrisette Michele, "Aston Martin Music;" Raphael Saadiq, "All the Money in the World")

Longest Rick Ross Rap on the Album: "MC Hammer" (3 minutes and 9 seconds)

Shortest Rick Ross Rap on the Album: "Maybach Music 3" (52 seconds)

Sample on Album that Lasts Longer than Rick Ross Does on "Maybach Music 3": Black Panther Party speech sample on "Tears of Joy" (59 seconds)

Number of Rick Ross Verses on Album: 24

Number of 16 Bar Rick Ross Verses on Album: Not 24

iTunes Price: $9.99 Price: $7.99

Torrent Price: 3-10 minutes of waiting

Number of Minutes Rick Ross Raps on Album: 22:58

Number of Minutes on Album: 47:17

Number of Possible Minutes on One CD: 80

Number of Words Rick Ross Spits on Album: Roughly 3,700

Rick Ross' Words Per Second on the Album: 1.26

If Bought at iTunes Price, How Many Rick Ross Words 50 Cents Gets You: 185