Meek Mill has been trying to tide his fans over with new releases over the last year as he lines himself up to come hard with a new album, and now the countdown has begun. Rick Ross went on Snapchat this week, where he spoke on the new project to come from his MMG signee, revealing that the album will be titled Wins and Losses.

Rozay addressed the project title for Meek's third studio album, which follows in the footsteps of his latest project DC4. While he didn't give away an exact release date for the album, he spoke on why he's such a fan of the title, Wins and Losses.

"That's why I love the name of Meek new album, Wins and Losses, cause that's what it's about, nigga. Wins and losses. Just gotta add up the more wins, but you gon' lose, but win! That's why I tell y'all, make sure y'all get it... then you go watch you a nice film, a movie. You know? Enjoy life. See that's one thing in life. It's always gonna be fuck shit, hoe shit. Get the money nigga. Get the money and run. Take care of your people," Ross said on Snapchat.

Fans are currently awaiting Meek's anticipated DC 4.5 mixtape, which he announced could drop "any day" earlier this year, but maybe we'll be able to get our ears on Wins and Losses first. If we know the MMG squad, they're more than likely gearing up to release something soon to hold us over in the meantime.

Watch Rozay reveal Meek's album title below.

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