Rick Ross gets Meek Mill, Young Dolph and Bruno Mali Kidd for the remix to "She's on My Dick." The original record appears on Ross' fantastic Rather You Than Me LP, which dropped earlier this year.

The Beat Billionaire-produced strip club anthem gets a major upgrade as all four rappers go off. The energy is way more aggressive and the bars are plentiful. The youngest of them all, Bruno Mali, delivers one of the strongest verses on the song.

"I used to torture, gave him back his life/He got it wrong if he think I'ma fight him/War cries on all on my lil' homies homicidal/300 soldiers like I'm Leonidas/I flips them yams and gave my man a Merci/We pop them bottles every night like it's our anniversary/Hot in Dade County, they gon' try to stretch him/One APB and they'll apply the pressure," Bruno raps.

Dolph comes in for the third verse and goes in strong, "I tried to spread the bitch but she on my dick/Told her jump up in this whip, come and drive a stick/I might buy a purse, I might pay her rent/She a all-star, first round draft pick/She call me at the gas station pumpin' gas/I pulled up at the Chev, run up, drop off a couple bags."

Bump the new song below.

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