Perhaps more so than any other rapper, Rick Ross evokes a sense of luxury in his rhymes. His vivid descriptions are usually enough, but in the visual for his standout Rather You Than Me cut, "Santorini Greece," the MMG boss lets the majestic beauty of the song's namesake do some of the work for him.

Shot in what appears to be Santorini, Greece, Rozay spends the video either roaming the city streets, getting backrubs from models on a yacht, overlooking the shoreline or rapping in a gorgeous church.

It's a perfect backdrop for a song that juxtaposes Ross' roots in the street and the extreme luxury he enjoys now as a platinum-selling rap superstar. Although the track features a lush instrumental, his lyrics are still very much rooted in the struggle.

"Half of my niggas headed to Attica/Either traffickin' or destined to be a janitor/Diabetes rampant in my blood line/That's why fat boy be happy to see the sunshine," spits Rozay, who welcomed a new baby girl into his family last week. "I'm here for results, baby, let's cut to chase/Sticky fingers and paper, D.A. will drop the case (woo)/Art Basel with Lyor I blew 300 with 'em (huh)/2 seaters for all the soldiers who runnin' with 'em (ahh)," he continues, highlighting his current spending habits.

Check out the video for "Santorini Greece" below. Port of Miami 2 is said to be on the way.

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