The 88th Academy Awards aired this past Sunday (Feb. 28), and throughout the ceremony, host Chris Rock repeatedly made reference to the fact that none of the acting nominees were minorities. Rock rightfully lambasted the Academy for their oversight, but poked fun at black actors as well, addressing the issue from multiple perspectives.

While Rock's dicey monologue received mixed reviews, one person who decidedly disapproves is Rick Ross, who spoke on the Oscar's host in a recent sit down with DC's 93.9 Fam in the Morning. At the 12:37 mark in the interview, Ross makes it known that not only was he not feeling Rock's go as Oscar's host, but he finds his whole brand of comedy unappealing.

"Chris Rock, he a cornball. Let’s keep it real," Ross said. "I ain’t even finna kick it with y’all like that. Chris Rock a cornball. And I’ma leave it right there. It wasn’t funny. He ain’t the one, you dig. I’m not fan of his."

The bad blood may have started years earlier though, when Rock hosted the BET Awards in 2014. During his monologue then, Rock said, "Dre has Beats, Rick Ross has DiaBEATS.” The joke obviously didn't sit well with Ross who tweeted in response, "Chris Rock washed up haaaa."

His cornball comments suddenly make more sense, as Ross is more than adept at holding a grudge. Watch the full interview above, where Ross also speaks on making money in the music industry and his MMG artists.

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