This past spring, Rich Chigga spoke to us about wanting to be taken more seriously as a rapper rather than the viral sensation he became following the release of his jarring video for his breakout single, "Dat $tick." As of late, he's been trying his best to make good on that promise, and his latest attempt arrives in the form of "Crisis," a new self-produced collaboration with 21 Savage.

"Crisis" finds Chigga spitting over his own instrumental, tackling the stresses of life as a rap star. That stress comes from being on tour and away from his family and friends. "They want me to come home/I can hear the drum roll, but understand I'm out for a reason/Living in my own home, father miss me, I know, but also he know that I'm on a mission," Chigga spits in the first part of the track.

For his part, 21, who considers himself a fan of the 18-year-old rapper, keeps things simple, serving up one of his typically confident verses about flexing and getting money. He's pretty good at that sort of stuff.

"Crisis" is just the latest Chigga offering, as he released tracks like "Chaos" and "Glow Like Dat" a few months ago. In May, he told us he was trying hard to diversify his new music.

“I’m trying to be more diverse with my music," Chigga explained at the time. "I’m working on a debut project and there are some serious songs and some comedic stuff, but the serious songs are my focus. Ever since I dropped 'Seventeen,' a lot of people told me like, ‘Holy shit, you’re surpassing the meme status.' I don’t know why they’re saying that on that song and not the others [but] I feel like more people are understanding what I’m trying to do now."

Listen to "Crisis" below. Cop it here.


88rising / EMPIRE
88rising / EMPIRE

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