Over the last seven years or so, Ric Flair has become a sort of go-to option for hip-hop's most entertaining cross-cultural moments—and if you think about it, that makes a ton of sense. Like most top rappers, Flair is as popular for his flash as he is for his substance.

A 6-foot, 1-inch boulder of a man, the swaggering Ric Flair electrified pro-wrestling fans for over three decades with his charismatic showmanship, memorable catchphrases, his devastating moves in the ring and, of course, a swagger that remained intact outside of it. In short, he's a beast. In longer form, he is, stereotypically speaking, just about as cool as a guy can possibly be—just like our favorite rappers.

And game recognizes game. That's what happened when Ric Flair gave a video shout-out to Quavo on his 26th birthday a few weeks ago—signature catchphrase and all.

"Hey Quavo, it's Nature Ric Flair wishing you a, 'Wooo' happy birthday and I'm a limousine -riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun, having a bitch of a time, hold these alligators down. Quavo, 'Woo!' Happy Birthday," Flair said in a video on the Migos member's birthday a few weeks back.

That is just one of several hip-hop moments the former WWE wrestler's produced for us over the last several years. Today, XXL takes a look at all of them, whether they're as simple as a chance photo or an impressively elaborate mock presidential ad, you can find them all in our list below.

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    Appears in Mock Presidential Campaign Ad With Waka Flocka Flame

    When a certain billionaire reality TV host launched an incredibly effective presidential campaign two years ago, irony was banished to the realm of nothingness and just about anything seemed possible. This reality made it all the funnier when Ric Flair and Waka Flocka popped up in an intricate mock presidential campaign ad last October.

    While certainly more beloved at this point than the current Commander-in-Chief, Flair is undeniably more boisterous and flamboyant, and pairing him with Waka—whose just about as loud and raucous as it gets when it comes to music—just seemed like a perfect joke to make at the time. Were Flair and Waka legitimately truly viable candidates for the White House? Probably not, but seeing how things have turned out, who really knows?

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    Shouts Out French Montana and Swae Lee on Twitter

    "Unforgettable" is all about beautiful girls and having a good time. So is Ric Flair, so it made plenty of sense when the former wrestler gave French Montana and Swae Lee a shout-out on Twitter, commending them for their collaboration.

    "'Unforgettable' is my Jam on my IPod!!!! @FrencHMonTanA @goSwaeLee," Flair wrote in a 4/20 tweet, recognizing game like a true G. French responded through Instagram, completing the cycle of true game recognition. Gotta love it.

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    Meets Rick Ross at WWE Raw

    If there's one rapper who understands showmanship it's Rick Ross, and he got the chance to meet the person who's helped define it on WWE Raw back in January. While linking up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was undoubtedly the highlight of the night, a photo opp with Flair was a damn good tertiary part of the evening.

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    Wishes Quavo a Happy Birthday

    On April 2, Quavo got a birthday shout-out from Ric Flair. Quavo was one of the big winners of 2016, going on an incredible run of standout guest appearances while also helping the Migos become more successful than ever. The platinum plaques and a rapidly expanding fan base meant a lot, for sure. But a birthday shout-out from Ric Flair—the original stunna—has to rank right up there for his accomplishments.

  • 5

    Gets Interviewed by Killer Mike

    Back in 2012, Killer Mike interviewed Ric Flair for the fall edition of XXL Magazine, and things got a bit hilarious when the Run The Jewels member asked the wrestling legend if he'd heard his song referencing his name.
    "I made a song called 'Ric Flair' last year. Were you aware of that?" Killer Mike asked. Humoring the Atlanta-based MC, Flair responded, "Yes…but I never got a check."


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    Shows Up in Killer Mike's "Ric Flair" Video

    Of course, it's only right Ric Flair appears in a video named after him, especially after Killer Mike interviewed him a few years beforehand. The question is: Did he get a check for this one?

  • 7

    Poses for a Picture With 50 Cent at the After Party for The Wrestler Movie

    Last November, Ric Flair posted an awesome throwback picture of himself and the great 50 Cent at an after party for The Wrestler movie premiere back in 2008. It's dope to see Flair recognized the photo opp for what it was: another instance of game recognizing game.

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