Berkeley's Rexx Life Raj is gearing up to release his new album Father Figure 2: Flourish, which drops on Nov. 17. The former college athlete drops "Burn Baby Burn" featuring Russ. His latest single, which is produced by Cisco Cortez and Raj, finds both artists singing about a woman that they can't stop thinking about.

"If we cannot make babies/Maybe we can make some time/We got shit to figure out/I can't get you off my mind/Do you ever think of me/I think about you all the time," croons Rexx.

Russ adds his touch to the record, "Oh you bad and you lowkey/You're thinking one knee, I'm thinking both knees/Damn I was changing my ways for you/Spend money, spend nights, spend days with you/Spend planes on you, I would send you the jet/She's like 'Russ, at least just send me a text.'"

"Burn Baby Burn" follows up the video for "2Free," which released last week. Raj's upcoming sophomore album, Father Figure 2: Flourish, will featuring appearances from G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe plus contributions from producers including Mikos Da Gawd, JULiA LEWiS, Ian McKee, Drew Banga, Kyle Betty and more.

Bump "Burn Baby Burn" below.

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