Kanye West hopped back on Twitter today to talk about how grateful he is towards Kirk Franklin, what people say is his "best artwork" to date, and why he's feeling like a member of the legendary Run-DMC outfit these days.

"I just received a blessing from minister Kirk Franklin," he began on Twitter today (March 10). "Be strong today little bro! 'Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. MATTHEW 11:28.'

He went on to say that "Ultralight Beam" seems to be the people's choice for his greatest song of all time. "A lot of people tell me Ultralight Beam is my greatest artwork to date," he wrote, "only rival being Jesus Walks." Debatable, but we'll allow it. "The choir arrangement that Kirk orchestrated is the most powerful thing I've heard in my earthly existence," he continued.

He then poured praise on Kirk, saying, "Thank you Kirk for standing by me through all the noise. I love you. My dad loves you. My whole family loves you and your family and we appreciate the moment you helped realize on the Beams!!! Let's start the day off right!!! And y'all know what I'm bout to say now ...!!!!!!"

To top it off, Kanye revealed that Rev Run is in his top 10 MCs of all time. "I feel like Rev Run, God MC tweeting positive energy while sitting in the bathroom! and yes Run is on my all time top ten list!!!"

Kanye knows his classics.

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