We didn't get the Chance The Rapper album we thought we would last month, but we did get new music and now there's more Chano material to bump. On Friday (Aug. 17), the Chicago rapper joined fellow Chi-town artist Reeseynem on the new banger "What's the Hook?"

The knob is definitely turned all the way to the right on this one, which finds Reesey and Chance going in over the Nate Fox and TrapMoneyBenny-produced track. "What's the hook? (what's the hook)/Fuck it, let me off the hook (what's the hook, hee!)," Reese rhymes on the chorus. "Thought they had me slammed/What's the hook? (what's the hook)/Fuck it, let me off the hook (off the hook, hee)."

He bats first on the verses, kicking things off with, "Fuck it then, let me off the hook/Since a nigga Black, they tried to throw the book/I ain't even look back or take a look."

Chance gives off an exuberant performance on the track. "Workin' on my biceps all day coulda been workin' on my calves/Workin' on my chest all day coulda been workin' on my abs," he rhymes. "That’s a fact, and I’m workin' on this money/All my cousins country boys, they do not love the country."

It looks like we could be getting a video for the song soon, as Chance dropped a snippet of the visual on his Instagram page a couple of days ago. The clip shows the two rappers and a group of people dancing to the track on a street corner.

After teasing a new project in July, Chance made up for the no-show, dropping four singles, "65th & Ingleside," "Work Out," "I Might Need Security" and "Wala Cam" featuring Supa Bwe, a few days later.

It's been two years since the Windy City MC put out his last solo project, Coloring Book, which has left fans fiending for more. There's still a chance (pun intended) that we could get the collab project with Kanye West that has been teased.

Listen to Reeseynem and Chance The Rapper's new "What's the Hook?" track below.

Darius White
Darius White

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