Ah, marijuana. What used to be broken down, packed, rolled, smoked and inhaled behind closed doors is now a larger part of today's society; it's saving the lives of those such as ScHoolboy Q, the inspiration for new businesses and has even helped Snoop Dogg with his impressive painting skills. And of course, rappers smoke weed as much as water is wet, so now that the plant has become legalized in several states, they've taken full advantage of it, besides the obvious.

Many of your favorite rappers have their very own weed strains. To further capitalize off expanding their brand, hip-hop's weed-loving set has entered the dispensary, rolling papers, vape pens and edibles market that can be found in the great states of Colorado and California. For those who don't own their own weed-inspired business, they surely promote the hell out of it. Hip-hop artists have made marijuana one of the top five biggest topics rapped about in the last two decades, right underneath the struggle, women, money, things you can buy with money and things you can buy with money that impress women.

Even the likes of Ty Dolla $ign has gotten his hands filled with the good green for money-making ventures. Besides collaborating with Hemper on a box of smoking essentials, Ty has produced a marijuana strain of his own. Aptly named Dolla Sign OG, the piney-flavored kush is a blend of two of his favorite types, Irene OG and Larry OG. It just goes to show you, a little green goes an enormously long way.

The legalization of marijuana has proven to serve more good than it ever has bad a countless number of times. In the gallery below, take a look at 26 rappers who prove just how beneficial having your head in the clouds actually is.

See 26 Rappers Who've Turned Their Love for Weed Into a Business

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