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My Story by ScHoolboy Q

I got kicked out of one school for tagging in my textbook. I tagged my set. I was using a fake address to go to school. So my mom, her crazy ass, put the wrong address or zip or something? And all the mail came back to the school. So they called me to the office. When they called me to my office, they were just trying to figure out what my address was. And in the process of doing it, my dumbass takes out my folder while I’m waiting for them. And one of the deans comes across me, and they’ve seen the tag, and they kicked me out. And then I went to another school in Crenshaw. I was trying to fit in. Chill.

I had fun in school. But I ditched a lot. You know what I mean? I had good grades though. But I ditched so much. I never went to class. My best subject was ditching. I was just copying shit.

2010 was my favorite [Freshman] cover. It's like some niggas were rapping on the motherfucker. My least favorite was last year’s cover. It was too animated. The previous one with Kendrick was off, too. I didn't like it too much. This one, the one with the nigga Plies and all them I liked.

[Being an XXL Freshman] is cool. I’m not one of them dudes that are so happy about shit. It’s cool. For the most part, I think Casey Veggies should’ve had my spot.

But I never wanted to be a Freshman. It’s cool. I’m not saying I don’t like it. But it’s almost saying like, “Your music is on the same level as my music.” Like, we’re in the same class. I don’t want to be thrown in the box with nobody. I want to be me. I'm not saying that I'm extremely better than them niggas. I'm just saying that some people cry, some people don't cry. Some people get overexcited about shit, some people don't. Some people can fight, some people can't. That's just how it is. It's cool. I'm not mad that I'm on it. Seeing some of the people here it’s cool. Joey Bada$$ I fuck with him. Trinidad, I fuck with him. Dizzy Wright I fuck with him. Action Bronson that’s my nigga.

But I think the shock factor will be better later. Kids will be like, "Whoa, Jay Rock, Kendrick, Schoolboy, and Ab were all on that shit." One day when the XXL Freshmen shit is over and they move on to some other type of shit, different type of category, then I'll be like, "I was a part of that. Me and all the homies." But then it'll probably be later and different.

I don’t know what’s going to happen for me 10 years from now. If I’m still living. I can’t control my heart. I’m not scared of death.

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