XXL has taken you on a journey through our archives today in honor of the 20th anniversary of Tupac's death. Although XXL did not begin its publication until after Tupac died, many of his stories have been told in the pages of our magazine. The Tupac tribute hub gives readers an intimate look at the life of one of hip-hop's all-time greats.

The tales of people such as Tupac's longtime producer Johnny J, his group The Outlawz and his only wife offer a unique glimpse at the man who left an undeniable impact on hip-hop and the music industry as a whole.

One of the biggest ways that Tupac's legacy has lived on is through his influence on hip-hop. There is no better example of his ever-looming presence on the genre and culture than the countless number of rappers he inspired. On the 20th anniversary of his death, many of those MCs who were impacted by Tupac's music paid tribute to him on social media.

XXL has compiled some of the notable names who have sung the praises of Tupac on the anniversary of his passing above. Contemporaries of Tupac like Nas and DJ Premier paid their respects to a fallen friend, while others like T.I., Lecrae and The Game took the time to honor someone who inspired their respective careers. Some offered up detailed explanations of Tupac's effect on their lives while others simply provided a brief message in tribute to a legend. Check out what these rappers had to say above.

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