With fans increasingly turning to services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and YouTube to get their music fix, artists continuously have to seek alternative ways to get their paper. The streaming business is a beast of its own, and while music isn’t being consumed or calculated the way it used to be, one method for making money when you’re a rapper is tried and true: we’re talking about that TV commercial money.

With companies such as Sprite, St. Ides, Old Spice, Boost Mobile and AOL turning to rap early in the game to help promote their products, in 2016, it’s even more commonplace for your favorite TV commercials to feature the music of some of your favorite rappers. It’s a no-brainer to combine one of the fastest growing genres in our contemporary cultural history with marketing. As more and more rap artists find their own shine, a growing number of advertisers continue to embrace their music.

Considering artists and big brands are both looking to cash in, one could argue the merger of the two worlds is mutually beneficial, as opposed to grossly exploitive. In the 1980s, rap was used to promote the food, liquor and clothing industries and helped give rappers national fame. Two decades later and the playing field continues to expand, endorsing the likes of smartphones, cars, travel, sports and major events such as the Super Bowl and pretty much anything else you can put a price tag on.

From insurance commercials to ads for Wrigley’s gum, more and more companies are looking to up their cool factor. Missy Elliott, Lil Dicky and Future are just a few of the big names whose music has shown up in some of the best commercials on TV. Take a look at 20 examples of brands wisely selecting from the hip-hop crates to soundtrack their national TV advertising campaigns.

  • 1

    "Ultimate" for Adidas

    Denzel Curry
  • 2

    “Hot in Herre” for Lime-A-Rita

  • 3

    "Save Dat Money" for Old Navy

    Lil Dicky
  • 4

    "Holiday in Your Hood" for Gap

  • 5

    "Jumpman" for Beats 1

    Drake and Future
  • 6

    "Much Respect" for Nike

    Mos Def
  • 7

    "Slam" for Gatorade

  • 8

    "Y.A.L.A." for Nissan

  • 10

    "Forever" for Wrigley's Gum

    Chris Brown
  • 11

    "Wavin' Flag" for Coca-Cola

  • 12

    "The Choice Is Yours" for Kia

    Black Sheep
  • 14

    2Pac, J. Cole and Missy Elliott for Sprite

  • 15

    “The Creator” for Android

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  • 16

    “Queen’s Speech Ep. 4” for Samsung

    Lady Leshurr
  • 17

    “The Jump Off” for AOL

    Lil' Kim
  • 18

    "Fly Shit Only" for Beats by Dre

  • 19

    "Rapper's Delight" for Evian

    Sugarhill Gang
  • 20

    "Every Second Counts" for NBA

  • 20

    "Pep Rally" for Amazon

    Missy Elliott
  • 20

    "Hotline Bling" for T-Mobile

  • 21

    "You Be Killin' Em" for Honda


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