As a high-profile entertainer constantly in the spotlight, fans and critics alike are not only keeping tabs on everything they possibly can, but also offering their opinions, thoughts, praises, suggestions and disapproving backlash. It can be a lot to endure if not ignored and when it comes to rappers, every supporting husband has reached a moment where they had no choice but to step up and defend their leading lady.

The act of defending a significant other is usually looked at with heart eye emojis, #RelationshipGoals and overall support. While sometimes things escalate into a physical altercation, in theory, the act of standing up one for one another is, simply put, cute as hell. Many times, rappers have gone to social media, awards shows, interviews and the occasional bar fight alike to protect bae.

While some take it to an extreme, such as getting into a fist fight at Waffle House such as how Juvenile did, others speak up on behalf of their better half to hold them down in interviews, like Will Smith standing up for his wifey Jada Pinkett’s decision to boycott the 2016 Academy Awards. Most recently, Swizz Beatz posted a video of himself on Instagram to share a passionate post defending his wife, Alicia Keys, and her decision to go without makeup at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards.

Whether the gesture is over-the-top or something as subtle as Jay Z keeping a fan in check, there’s just something valiant about knowing a man has his ladies' back, no matter what.

We take a look at some power couples who have been in similar circumstances over the years, with the husband rising to the occasion to stand by their wife. Check out 7 Times Rappers Defended Their Wives here.