While rappers wisely hire publicists and managers for a multitude of reasons, sometimes it’s simply to just have someone around that can either articulate the message of their music better or handle damage control like a boss after the heat of the moment.

In hip-hop, especially when artists have personalities as fierce as their bars, interviews can take a turn for worse and even become an awkward moment that no one could imagine. Whether an artist is passionate about a subject and things get a little heated or he or she is having an off day, the unpredictable or cringe-worthy moments in all their glory can make or break an interview. Often times, awkward moments remind us that the artists we admire, and whose careers we follow, are human after all.

Having a hit record doesn’t make an artist immune from the possible embarrassment that comes from misarticulating one’s thoughts. We could even go as far as to say it is both respectable and commendable for someone in the spotlight to own up to any of their media missteps. After all, it’s only really awkward if you make it awkward, right?

Regardless, the undeniable best part about those awkward moments? Given that it is the 21st century, 10 times out of 10, the cameras are rolling and we can revisit Birdman demanding respek on his name any time we please.

From Cam’Ron explaining his intense stance against snitching to Kanye West providing us with retweetable material for days, rappers truly have given us some incredible interview gems over the years. See 21 Times Rappers Experienced an Awkward Interview.

  • 1

    Cam'ron Talks Snitching With Anderson Cooper

  • 2

    Birdman Demands Respek on His Name

  • 3

    50 Cent Insists Cam’Ron Get on the Phone

    50 Cent
  • 4

    Kanye West Goes Off on Sway

  • 5

    DMX Freestyles a Prayer After Struggling to Articulate His Words

  • 6

    Eminem May Win Most Awkward Interview of All Time

  • 7

    Kevin Gates Manages to Remain Unenthused at an Epically Awkward Level

  • 8

    Yung Joc Falls Asleep During His Interview

  • 9

    Nicki Minaj Isn't Feeling The Lady Gaga Comparisons

  • 10

    Lil Wayne Leaves a Lasting Impression on Katie Couric

  • 11

    Drake Is Sick of People Calling Him Lonely and Emotional

  • 12

    Riff Raff Has No Time for the Shenanigans

  • 13

    Lord Jamar's Dog Food Moment Is Surprising

  • 14

    Machine Gun Kelly Calls Out This Interviewer for Mocking Him

  • 15

    Post Malone Gets Grilled Big Time

  • 16

    Wiz Khalifa Gets an Apology

  • 17

    Lil Mama Unexpectedly Starts Crying

  • 18

    J. Cole Walks Out of Interview When Things Go Too Far

  • 19

    Gucci Mane Isn’t Interested In Talking About His Waka Flocka Beef

  • 20

    A$AP Rocky Is A Good Sport in This One

  • 21

    Joe Budden Has Enough of Ebro's Antics and Dips

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