Lil Yachty and 070 Shake link up for "Rewind." The slow single features both artists crooning about a past breakup that they experience and how their significant other wanted to reconnect. However, for Yachty and 070 Shake, the only thing they want to do is leave the past in the past.

"Cause if you do, you found me/You know you was wrong/That's why when you see me on your new TV/You change the channel/Cause you know you was wrong/And now you know that I'm gone," sings the 2016 XXL Freshman in his verse.

Shake shares a similar story for her verse: "She been asking why all around the city/Don't be asking why, I ain't even kidding/You know what you've done/Giving me your vibe cause I don't like the funk."

The New Jersey native is set for her first headlining show in NYC at Webster Hall in December. Tickets for the show are available on her official website.

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