The Chef Raekwon plated his latest album The Wild last week. Today, the Wu-Tang Clan member releases the single "Marvin," his ode to soul crooner Marvin Gaye, on the anniversary of the late singer's passing.

Rae spits about the iconic singer's life and times. "Destined for greatness/Counting his blessings/Young'uns struggling with pressures/That the fact that his pops was a cross dresser/But he still loved him/You know the bond between his son and father/That only pushed him and forced him to sing harder," he raps.

CeeLo adds his heavenly vocals to the track providing the chorus of, "Marvin, the sound of your voice//Sets fire my soul/What a glory to be hold/Marvin, my heart, my heart still wonders how/I just hope you're happy now."

Last month, Rae reminisced on the late grate Notorious B.I.G., comparing him to Gaye. “[Big's] talent exceeded everything. He knew how to rhyme. He knew how to freestyle. He knew how to make songs. He was clever. Had a lot of metaphorical shit. More importantly, he was representing New York to the fullest,” he said. “Him and Puff they got together and made a wall of classic music. His music is always going to be here. He’s our late Marvin Gaye.”

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Stream "Marvin" below.

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