Quincy Jones definitely respects Diddy’s business acumen. It’s Puff’s technical knowledge of music that Jones is questioning.

As the guest of honor and interviewee of special interviewer Bruno Mars at the Spotify Behind the Music event at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood last night (June 26), the legendary songwriter and Grammy Legend Award winner praised Diddy for his entrepreneurial spirit and marketing hustle, but put down the Bad Boy Records boss’ mind for music.

"He couldn't recognize a b-flat if it hit him," Jones reportedly said about Diddy, triggering audience laughter.

"P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing,” he added. “He's got clothes companies and Ciroc Vodka."

The late singer Amy Winehouse was also brought into discussion during the special event.

"Why do you keep fucking up your life?" Jones recalled telling her, shortly before she died.

Spotify, which currently counts 2.5 million subscribers, has paid out $180 million in royalties to artists in the past year.—Cam Dooley and Kim Narunsky