Quentin Miller returns. This past Friday (July 13), the Georgia-based rapper dropped off Q.M., an 11-track album featuring guest appearances from Hit-Boy, Soundz, Peso and his Wdng Crshrs groupmate, TheCoolisMac.

QM's latest project arrives about two months after he and TheCoolIsMac unleashed their Crshd Files, Vol. 2. EP and about a year after he dropped off his Falco project. Flexing a calm but charismatic delivery, QM is in peak shape as he finds new ways to flex and does serious damage to a collection of icy instrumentals.

"I don't take breaks, I just beat the brakes, off the muthafuckin' drum and bass/Off that muthafuckin' drink, man, wasted/QM in it, good as music gets," Quentin raps on "Cold Day in Hell...," the very first song on his latest project.

Give a listen to Q.M. below, and check out his "Destiny (Freestyle)," which finds Quentin addressing Pusha-T and Drake's words about him during their feud a couple months ago.

Quentin Miller's Q.M. Tracklist

1. "Cold Day in Hell..."
2. "High Speed Chase..."
3. "Hot N' Cold"
4. "Wwtd Interlude..."
5. "_A_" featuring Pe$o
6. "Arkham Asylum..." featuring Hit-Boy
7. "Values..." featuring Soundz
8. "The Source..."
9. "Bank!!!"
10. "Scenic Route..." featuring TheCoolisMac
11. "Closing Statements..."

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1317 Recordings

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