One of the bigger stories of the last year has been the ascendance of Migos' Quavo, who killed just about every guest feature he's served up during that time. His latest stellar guest spot popped up on DJ Khaled's platinum-selling single "I'm the One," and according to Khaled, Quavo only took five minutes to come up with his verse for the song.

"Migos came through, I played it for Quavo, he was like, 'this is crazy,'" said Khaled in a recent cover story interview for Billboard. "The man really took five minutes, five minutes listening to the beat, and then he went into the booth and just knocked the verse out."

Now, Quavo's "I'm the One" verse isn't the most intricate—falling in line with the straightforward, breezy summer vibes of the track, which also features Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne—but being that quick is an amazing feat and an indicator of a true professional.

Recording rap vocals, especially for an instrumental you've just heard, can be tricky, and it's not uncommon for artists to stumble over their words at least a few times during a recording session—even after having heard the beat a bunch of times. With this in mind, the logistics surrounding the making of Quavo's verse are pretty damn impressive.

In that same interview, Khaled also recounts the time he traveled to Bieber's crib to discuss the making of "I'm the One," which was still very much in its infancy by the time he got to Bieber's house. Bieber agreed to do the song, but only after Khaled played him in a game of ground hockey. Yikes.

Peep Khaled telling the story of Quavo's "I'm the One" verse below. The Quavo bit comes in at around the 2:20 mark.

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