If you sit down with a rapper who's been around for a while, at some point the conversation is going to come around to longevity. How do you stay relevant, how do you adapt to the trends at radio and shifting tastes of your fans. Pusha T has no patience for that conversation. His commercial career dates back to Lord Willin', the Clipse's 2002 debut, but he and his brother (then named Malice) had been recording since the mid-1990s. And through it all, he's remained relatively unchanged: grizzled, sneering, still one foot caught in the less-than-legal. With that in mind, the new President of G.O.O.D. Music drops the video for "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets" from his forthcoming Darkest Before Dawn. Check out the tracklist below, and be on the lookout for the album this Friday (Dec. 18).

1. “Intro”
2. “Untouchable”
3. “M.F.T.R.” (Feat. The-Dream)
4. “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” (prod. by Diddy)
5. “M.P.A.” (Feat. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky & The-Dream) (prod. by J. Cole)
6. “Got Em Covered” (Feat. Ab-Liva)
7. “Keep Dealing” (Feat. Beanie Sigel)
8. “Retribution” (Feat. Kehlani)
9. “F.I.F.A.”
10. “Sunshine” (Feat. Jill Scott)

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