For those that don’t know, Clipse rapper Malice has found God. He wrote about it in his recently released book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked. Question is, how will this new transformation affect his music with brother and partner-in-rhyme, Pusha T? recently caught up with the G.O.O.D. Music MC to find out.

“Well I think the Clipse dynamic has always been what it is,” Push said, while hanging out backstage at the XXL Freshman Live Concert in New York City.  “I think that Malice has always been the one to dig a lil bit deeper and show a lil bit more perspective in the verses and so on and so forth, regardless of whatever he’s talking about. So I don’t think that’s gonna change much.”

“But like I said, we got a new Clipse album coming too so ya’ll gonna see,” he warned. “Y’all gonna see in a minute. I mean, I can’t fuck with him.”

While Push is signed with Kanye West’s label as a solo artist, he told that the group are still free agents and are not sure where they will put out their new disc.

Earlier this week Pusha dropped his highly anticipated solo mixtape, Fear of God, which is available for free download now. — Jesse Gissen with additional reporting by Carl Chery