On "The Story of Adidon," Pusha-T was able to dig up a lot of dirt about Drake, including an alleged secret child and previously unseen blackface photo. While Drizzy has yet to respond to the diss, Pusha claims the Toronto MC is offering big money to someone who can find damaging information about the Daytona spitter.

Pusha hopped on Twitter Thursday (May 31) to make the claim, tweeting, "You got a 100k floating around for info? Can't no amount of money create skeletons that don't exist... #ImUpset."

Although the Virginia rapper doesn't mention Drake by name, his choice of hashtag is a clear reference to Drizzy's latest song of the same name. Pusha also made reference to "I'm Upset" on the outro of "The Story of Adidon," saying, "And you talkin' 'bout you upset/Ha ha ha ha ha/Well, I wanna see what it's like when you get angry, okay?/You show me that."

Pusha-T appears to have a knack for spoiling Drake's plans. Earlier this week, Push spoke with The Breakfast Club and claimed Drake was preparing to use his alleged son for the launch of his new Adidas line, Adidon. "The child...allegedly his new Adidas line is called Adidon, which is named after Adonis, his son," he said. "But we couldn't know about your child until you started selling sweatsuits and sneakers?"

Up next for Push, the G.O.O.D. Music president is gearing up for a new tour. While he hasn't revealed any dates yet, the rapper shared a short clip of him rehearsing "If You Know You Know" for upcoming shows. "Fine tuning for tour time," he wrote on the video.

Check out Pusha-T's tweet below.

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