Here's something you don't hear everyday. Normally rappers boast about being a vicious lion or a swift cheetah. CJ Fly, on the other hand, isn't one of those rappers. During his interview with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, the Pro Era rapper compared himself to a peacock.

CJ acknowledged that he is very much into signs, spirits, and animals—he is a dog lover. When asked about his fascination towards peacocks, CJ admitted that he has similar traits with the vibrant looking animal.

"The peacock just wants to spread his wings to show his beautiful feathers, you know?"

The rapper candidly revealed that he relates to the animal simply because he's "trying to show people his story, talent, and what he's really capable of."

He also revealed his appreciation for zodiac signs during the interview.

"Zodiac [signs], I've been into that. My favorite thing was always like stars and stuff like that. So when I connected the zodiac and stars, everything went hand and hand for me," said CJ.

You can catch CJ Fly performing at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival July 12th alongside Jay Electronica and Cyhi Da Prince.