Privateclub Records has had another breakout year for artists on their roster, and now they're unveiling the first volume to their compilation mixtape. The imprint drops their I Luv TPC Vol. 1 mixtape to their official SoundCloud page, which has songs from Madeintyo, 24hrs, Rossi Rock, MyNamePhin, DWN2EARTH and more names that have made a killing through their Privateclub Records affiliation.

The new collective, which contains a total of 13 tracks, also has some superstar names in the producer credits, including the likes of Metro Boomin, TM88, IDNTKNOW, K Swisha, Slicklaflare and many more. While the tape's tracklist art only displays 12 songs, their Soundcloud page shows 13 songs in total, as Madeintyo's "Stripper Song" is also incorporated.

Artists from Privateclub Records have had their own individual years of momentum, especially when it comes to Madeintyo. The 2017 XXL Freshman released a slew of new music over the last year, but his most recent project comes with his True's World EP that dropped back in August.

Take a listen to the new compilation project from Privateclub Records below to hear what the roster has been cooking up.

Privateclub Records' I Luv TPC Vol. 1 Tracklist

1. Madeintyo - "MadeinBoomin" (prod. by Metro Boomin)
2. 24hrs - "Bossed Up" (prod. by Slicklaflare)
3. DWN2EARTH - "Moonwalk" (prod. by DWN2EARTH)
4. Noah Wood$ - "In My Face"
5. Madeintyo - "Suck Me Up" (prod. by FuckSosa)
6. 24hrs - "12 Months" (prod. by Slicklaflare)
7. Salma Slims - "Money Bags" Feat. 24hrs and Madeintyo
8. Madeintyo - "Drought 1 Drought 2" (prod. by DWN2EARTH)
9. 24hrs  -"Bentley Coup" Feat. Smooky Margiella (prod. by TM88)
10. Miles  -"Hotbox" Feat. 24hrs (prod. by ITHINKWEGOTIT)
11. Rossi Rock -"Grandma" (prod. by Ninetyfiveuntil)
12. MyNamePhin - "The Cause" (prod. by IDNTKNOW)
13. Madeintyo- "Stripper Song" (prod. by K Swisha)

Privateclub Records
Privateclub Records
Privateclub Records
Privateclub Records

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