President Barack Obama has been baffled by 2016 presidential election, or at least the candidacy of Donald Trump. During a speech in North Carolina (watch it here), President Obama compared this year's wild race to the reality television series Love & Hip Hop.

"It's like reality TV has suddenly entered into the race for the presidency," Obama said. "It's not even Survivor or The Bachelorette. I mean, it's like some Love & Hip Hop stuff. I mean, it's just some stuff that up until this election, we would have said is completely disqualifying. And yet somehow, everybody's gotten accustomed to it."

President Obama's reference should be no shock to anyone who has followed him for the past eight years. The president is well-versed in pop culture, especially went it comes to hip-hop. The commander-in-chief recently praised Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper during an appearance on Sway in the Morning.

"There’s a lot of talent out there, but when I look at who’s breaking new ground, Kendrick and Chance, those guys are doing amazing work,” he said. “And they’re wonderful young men. Chance I’ve known for years ’cause his dad was my state director when I was a senator in Illinois. I first met Chance when he was eight years old. So we’ve been family for a while. And then Kendrick, he’s blowing it up, he’s doing great.”

The country will decide on its next president in just a days. Whoever it is, he or she certainly won't be as savvy about pop culture as President Obama.

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