One of the first things you learn in psychology is the concept of the fight or fight decision -- the one you face when you're in danger. It's a situation Chicago cats face during times where the violence rate is far too high. Lil Herb enlists Chance The Rapper and Common to convey the sense of desperation that comes from it in the "Fight Or Flight" remix.

The soulful vocal sample doesn't alleviate the circumstance as much as it adds a sense of lucidity and urgency to it. The three Chi-Town rappers have proven themselves capable of transfixing that feeling in their verses. Chance is the angst-ridden good kid struggling in the darkness, Common provides the poetry and Lil Herb, who represents the danger at the core of the song, shines. "I used to think I could go back to what I used to do/ Now cry less and less at all my homies funeras." Feel the severity of the concrete above.