In 2013, Kanye West used his Yeezus album to declare himself a god. Although that claim is, by almost any measure, and audacious one, plenty of people would agree with the rap legend. One of them is none other than Post Malone, who collabed with Yeezy on his The Life of Pablo cut, "Fade."

According to a report by HipHopDX, Post spoke a bit on his working relationship with Yeezus and heaped a considerable amount of praise the rapper's way while speaking with Grammy Museum Executive Director Scott Goldman at the Clive Davis Theater last Wednesday (Sept. 6)

“Working with Kanye is like working with Jesus Christ,” Post told Goldman, who in turn replied, “I’m sure Kanye thinks that.” A short bit later, Post also described Kanye as being the stepfather you're afraid of, but ultimately love.

Kanye and Post showcased some good chemistry when "Fade" premiered two years ago. Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid back in January, Post described Yeezy's creative process.

“‘Fade’ was just a dope vibe, a little fuck-you vibe, so let’s try something new,” Post said at the time. “You never really know what to expect, but [Kanye] played me the song, or he sent me the song so I could hear it. And then I did like a scratch vocal and then I got in the actual studio with him and actually cut the real vocals to the song.”

Post continues, “I’ll tell you what. He’s got this pad of paper with just like thousands of ideas in it, lines that he’ll use. Throughout the day he’ll probably just think of something and write it down, he flips through and comes up with the craziest stuff, off a freestyle, off a flow. We kinda record in the same way, but in his way he’s just so much more genius than me.”

Here's to hoping we can hear some new Post-Kanye collabs really soon.

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