What was supposed to be a celebratory evening for Polo G in honor of the release of his latest album, Hall of Fame, last Friday night ended with the Chicago rapper in handcuffs in Miami and facing multiple charges. A local news report has offered additional details in connection to Polo's arrest from this past weekend.

According to WPLG Local 10 in Miami on Saturday (June 12), the outlet claims that based on a police affidavit they've obtained, Polo G's driver says the vehicle was pulled over for having dark-tinted windows on the car they were in.

The individuals in the car were taken into custody on the city's Biscayne Boulevard and SE 1st Street just before 1 a.m. on Saturday following a traffic stop due to the car's overly dark-tinted windows. Police reportedly asked the driver to roll down the windows, but the driver allegedly refused. A passenger in the vehicle was reportedly heard saying that they were unwilling to lower the windows because the car is bulletproof.

The report goes on to say that other passengers in the vehicle exited willingly, but Polo G, born Taurus Bartlett, had to be forced out of the car. Officers reportedly pulled the rapper out as he allegedly resisted, throwing punches and striking an officer with his elbow.

Polo allegedly told the police: "I will kill you, I swear I'll use these fists to beat the [expletive] out of you and knock your [expletive] out."

Meanwhile, an officer claims to have suffered "multiple injuries, an abrasion to the right upper forehead area, an abrasion to the right chin area and a swollen and slightly bruised cheek area."

Additionally, after police searched the vehicle that Polo was in, two guns were found in a black bag.

The 22-year-old artist was arrested and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami. He was hit with charges of resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and threatening a public servant. He was released later on Saturday after satisfying a $19,500 bond.

His 16-year-old brother was also reportedly taken into custody as well and has since been released.

The Miami Police Department revealed via social media over the weekend that an investigation had been launched into Polo G's arrest. The law enforcement agency says they're reviewing camera footage from the incident to ensure that police abided by the department's policies.

Polo G's mother and manager, Stacia Mac, spoke about the incident on her social media accounts, mobilizing her son's fans to contact the police department following his arrest. Mac affirmed that her younger son was taken into custody and officers would not reveal their locations. She also shared video footage from the scene via Instagram, which appears to show numerous police cars on the scene and dozens of officers. WPLG Local 10 reports nearly a dozen officers were on the scene.

After Polo bonded out Saturday night, he also hopped on Twitter to weigh in on the situation. "[One] of the officers told us they was on us since we got Off our Jet.....," he typed, suggesting that the police had been on his heels since he arrived in the city. "They playin foul in Miami & dat shit been like that for a minute."

XXL has reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department for a comment on this matter.

Check out the news report in connection to Polo G's arrest below.

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