PnB Rock brings in two of hip-hop's hottest acts for his latest track. The Philadelphia native links up with the Migos' Quavo and rising star A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on this new song titled "Playa No More." The three artists express their desire to settle down with A Boogie handling the opening salvo.

"I don't wan' be a playa with you/Girl I don't understand what you want, but I'm tryna make plans with you/South Beach, don't bring sand with you/South Beach, I hope you don't bring sand with you/Out to eat, every menu, I'll explain it to you/What you mean, you ain't eating? I ain't playing with you/I'm just saying I'm the mothafucking man, nigga," A Boogie raps.

PnB Rock takes over for the hook and second verse before handing the reins to Quavo. The Atlanta rapper comes through with another entertaining guest spot, which adds to his impressive run in 2016.

"Christian Loub, she gon' bleed tonight, yeah/Please tell me I ain't bleeding right/When she leave I hope she need a ride/Then we pull up to the bando/I'm the one she call on/I gotta leave my dogs alone, damn/You can't give an old dog a new bone/In other words, baby girl I'm coming on home," Quavo raps.

"Playa No More" will appear on PnB Rock's upcoming album GTTM: Going Thru The Motions, which drops Jan. 13. You can pre-order it now on iTunes and get instant access to "Playa No More" and "Selfish."

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