PnB Rock is ballin' for real. The Philadelphia singer gets the help of Chicago's Lil Bibby for the new single "Chosen" produced by Slade Da Monsta. The song sees both men speaking about their come-up in the game.

"Nobody gave me a loan/I did it all on my own/Remember I ain't have a home/Now bitch I got me two homes/I did it all by myself/Bitch don't be counting my wealth/No cosigns, no help/Now it's Goyard on the belt/Chanel dripping on my sneakers/Margielas on my sneakers/Last year it was 3k for a feature/Now it's 10k for a feature," PnB Rock sings on the opening verse.

Lil Bibby follows that up with his own rhymes about his rise in the music industry. The former XXL Freshman reflects on his humble beginnings before spitting about the luxurious lifestyle he currently enjoys.

"Say this for my sisters, my brothers/Y'all niggas straight out the gutta/Remember we didn't have nothing/And now I can buy everything that I wanted/Bibby, I'm not with the stunting/These bitches know that I got it/I just might walk in the store/See it, I like it, you know that I cop it/Balling, I'm balling for real/All of that hating, it might get you killed/Pardon my brother, he ain't got no chill/He been that way ever since we was little/Straight from the block, I'm with PnB Rock/We was letting off shots, we was running from cops/Out in the field we was looking for ops/Now we at the dealership looking for drops," Lil Bibby raps.

PnB Rock's latest song comes just a few weeks after he and Fetty Wap released the collaboration mixtape Money, Hoes and Flows. If you have not heard it already, you can stream the entire tape via this link.

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