Andre 3000, and OutKast, will forever be remembered for shouting, "The South got something to say!" at the 1995 Source awards. Fast forward to 2017 and Big Boi is letting those who are late to the program know what really goes down below the Bible Belt with his new single "In the South." To help provide even more context and some Southern hospitality on the mic, he gets features from Gucci Mane and the late, great Pimp C.

Gucci and Big Boi take turns detailing the luxurious southern lifestyle they've grown accustomed to. For Gucci, it includes two Rolexes, "two Jews" (presumably lawyers), and "a bird's eye view of the little dudes."

For Big Boi, he chooses to stay "effortlessly fly," pour liquor out for the lost ones and kick it at the house with flip-flops on and an "ounce on the couch." Big Boi also gets a hook from Pimp C's estate for the single. It begs the question of how much more material from Pimp C goes locked away on a hard drive somewhere.

The production on "In the South" has that groove-heavy, bass-thumping feel to a classic Southern track. It's tailored for Big Boi in particular with the electric guitar towards the end and the unconventional mix of samples throughout.

"In the South" will be on Big Boi's fourth solo album Boomiverse. You can listen to the new single below.

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