Recently, Tory Lanez served his up his own version of "Magnolia," a Pierre Bourne-produced banger that proved to be one of the best songs on Playboi Carti's debut mixtape. The thing is, Tory didn't get Bourne's permission to use the beat, and the up-and-coming producer used his Twitter account to let the world know he isn't happy.

In one tweet responding to Lanez's tweet announcing his "Magnolia" remix, Bourne wrote, "#LameNiggaz," referencing a Carti song with the same name and including a link to the track. In another tweet, Bourne uploaded a screenshot of a text asking if Tory could get "Magnolia" beat.

"Yo Tory Lanez wanted to know if he could use the magnolia instrumental and if you could send it to him," reads the text to Bourne. Bourne responded flatly with, "Can't do it."

Of course, we now know Tory wasn't discouraged by Bourne's answer, and dropped his "Magnolia" freestyle anyway, albeit using an obviously recreated version of the instrumental. It's clear Bourne's not too happy with Tory, but if the Toronto rapper got Bourne's original message and made the song anyway, it's even more clear he doesn't care.

Tory's yet to respond to Bourne. You can see Bourne's tweets and peep Tory's version of "Magnolia" below.

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