The Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper, published a story on Wednesday (April 6) in which a local amateur photographer recounted a story involving Drake and some less than exemplary behavior. As Matt Small tells the Star, he was taking sunset photos at Toronto’s Polson Pier Monday (April 4) when a helicopter carrying Drake and others landed nearby. Small then began taking pictures of the action unfolding in front of him when a man present with Drake asked who he was.

"I'm nobody," he said, noting that the he wasn't even using the type of lens a member of the paparazzi might. Small then turned back to his previous subject, with Drake reportedly dissatisfied with such a response, then charging the fence between he and Small and scaling it. “He was in my face, saying, ‘You need to delete those pictures out of respect,’ ” Small said. “I said, ‘You’re not respecting me right now man, you’re in my face harassing me.’ ”

Small refused to delete any of his photos, despite Drake's instance that he do so. Feeling unsettled, Small attempted to back away from the fence, only then realizing that a friend of Drake's was standing behind him. Small yelled when the friend tried to grab his camera, alerting Michael Massie, a nearby photographer.

“I went up with my phone up, 911 dialed but not calling it yet,” Massie said. “I said, ‘Whatever’s going on, someone tell me, otherwise I’m calling the police right now.’ And the first person who comes up to me is Drake. And Drake says, ‘Your buddy has to give us his memory card and delete his pictures.’ I said, ‘I don’t even know him.’ He goes, ‘You’ve gotta get rid of your pictures, too.’”

From there, it seems the situation resolved itself, with Drake pulling away in a black Cadillac Escalade and Small feeling thoroughly shaken by his encounter with his city's anointed ambassador.

Read the story in full over at the Toronto Star. Drake's camp had no comment when XXL reached out.

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