Ahead of their new album release next week, Phony Ppl bring fresh, funky vibes with their brand new banger, "Something About Your Love.” The Brooklyn collective blend elements of R&B, soul, funk and alternative rock as frontman Elbee Thrie delivers his usual, stellar vocals.

The track, which will appear on their forthcoming album, mō’zā-ik, "You said that you needed me/Turns out you're deceiving me/Practice what you preaching me," Thrie delivers over the uplifting beat.

“It’s a song about staying in a relationship you know is poisonous,” Thrie said about their new single. “We recorded it at a Universal Audio session in Santa Cruz, Calif., then finished back in NYC at The Cabin at The Manhattan Center."

Phony Ppl have been traveling to perform alongside legends like Erykah Badu and The Roots, as well as fresh faces like Kali Uchis on their respective tours in the last three years. Yet, they’re still considered one of the more creative collectives to hail from Brooklyn. After performing at the inaugural Steez Day Festival in Brooklyn in 2015, the band gave outsiders a unique tour of their city in their video for "Why iii Love the Moon."

"In our video, we wanted to open up and share our world in Brooklyn, a side of Brooklyn that's hidden beneath what meets the eye," Phony Ppl said about the video. "Our video combines projection art that illuminates our path as we ride our bikes through familiar landmarks, revealing the true color beneath the surface."

Prior to their latest release, the genre-bending band delivered their first batch of songs in three years, “Before You Got A Boyfriend” and “Way Too Far.” "Something About Your Love" serves as the last single before their sixth studio album, mō’zā-ik, drops Oct. 19 via 300 Entertainment.

Listen to "Something About Your Love" below.—Tony Centeno

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