A lot of artists might agree that getting the chance to work with a veteran producer like Pharrell is definitely a major opportunity and one that should not necessarily be passed up. This goes for other super producers as well, and Kaytranada appears to be next in line to work with the "Happy" musician.

While doing an interview on Pharrell's OTHERtone show with Beats 1 Radio, Kaytranada spoke about a slew of topics, but one segment that got fans excited was when Williams pitched a joint EP. Pharrell began the conversation by saying they should do the project together, and siggested Kaytranada show him some Haitian music to get a feel for the Montreal producer's native sounds.

"Let's do like an EP together... like you show me like good Haitian music, so I can make it musically. And then I'll give it to you and you hook it up and do whatever it is you want to do and take it somewhere else. Let's just do it and find like sick Haitian artists or something to sing on it or whatever," described Pharrell.

When Kaytranada agreed to working on the project together in the future, Pharrell also made sure to reiterate how serious he was and his desire to work with more music from different cultures.

"I'm deadass though. I like diving into different cultures and finding the... you know what I'm saying?" he continued.

It would be extremely interesting to hear a joint EP from these two super producers, especially with music that pertains to Kaytranada's Haitian background.

Watch the conversation unfold in the video below from Beats 1 Radio.

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