The elusive PartyNextDoor popped up earlier this week at the Beats By Dre and MCM collaboration event and chatted with reporters about his upcoming projects and his most recent tour.  During a quick conversation with FADER, Party revealed that he won't start the selection process for what songs will make the cut for his album until he records at least 100 tracks.

"[The album's] coming, but it's wack to say just that. [laughs] The album's coming. I wanna make 100 songs for my album," says the OVO member. "I work very fast, but I haven't reached 100 yet. So when I get to 100, I'll pick from them. I have collaborators, but that's a secret. [My] dream list is like Tupac and Biggie. That's the dream list, but hopefully everything else is realistic."

In February Party went back and forth with Joe Budden on Twitter after Budden requested a new EP from the talented artist before the summer hits. PND responded with a casual "yup" but with Memorial Day Weekend creeping up, time is running short.

The singer's relationship with Drake is well documented and when asked what advice he has received from the superstar MC, Party replied, perhaps ironically, "know yourself." "The best advice Drake's given anybody is to know yourself," he said of Drizzy. "It's the most important thing to live by. Everyone should know yourself. It can be an insult, but know yourself is just it. It's exactly what it sounds like. I know myself, I'm learning myself. I'm growing, I'm maturing."