The drama over Nicki Minaj ghostwriting implications made by PartyNextDoor went viral yesterday (March 11), with Nicki calling out the OVO crooner for insinuating he had a hand in her new single "Regret in Your Tears.

PND has responded to the mess in a since-deleted tweet. "I'm a fan of Nicki Minaj. We have a song together. I hope she's as cool as I've always imagined," he posted, hours after being blasted by the rapper for "liking" fans' tweets that implied he penned the track. The song he is referring to is the Major Lazer single "Run Up," which both artists are featured on.

Yesterday, the Internet was going nuts when Nicki hopped on Twitter to defend her pen. “Party Next Door had NOTHING to do w/ #RegretInYourTears,” she posted. “Nigga aint never heard that song a day in his life . Bless y’all heart. ‍♀️”

She later added, “Not sure why he was ‘liking’ tweets. Maybe it was just ‘funny’ to him. Maybe he was…’hacked’. Lol. Either way. ‍♀️ – #DisTewMuch FOH .”

She has since posted and deleted a fan-posed query on Instagram that questions the logic of people who are running with the ghostwriting theory. "It's funny how the song was 'trash,' but now since y'all think PartyNextDoor wrote it, it's [fire]?" It's crazy how much people hate her and can never give her credit," it states.

Check out both posts below.

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