Love, life and the perils of being a young celebrity spill out on PartyNextDoor's two new songs, "Break Me Down" and "DAMN.

"Break Me Down" is produced by Cardiak Flatline and features the OVO singer detailing his time with an anonymous woman. The song is a deeply personal track where PND tells the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship. In a since-deleted tweet posted yesterday (Aug. 24), PartyNextDoor screenshotted an email directed at him. The email is addressed to PND's government name, Jahron Brathwaite, and reads, "I'm not jumping back into anything with you right now. I need more time apart from you."

PND comments on the email directly in the song’s second verse. “Real life, geek/My fiancée emailin’ me, instead of FaceTimin’/Talkin’ ’bout some real time, away from me, space (hey),” he sings. "Break Me Down" dives deeper into Party's personal life when he brings up past relationships with various celebrities. He sings, "Why you act like you don't know me?/Before all the K's, Kylie's, and Kehlani's, whoa/Why you do me this way?/Must be how it go when you crack the Drake code, Draco."

"DAMN" is produced by G. Ry and is the more upbeat of the two tracks. On the song's catchy hook, PND pleads to a mysterious woman, "If you love me go and show it to me/Passion, passion, passion, passion, I need passion."

This year has been busy for the Mississauga singer. He released his Colours 2 EP in June. In late July, PND tweeted out that he has music on the way with Kanye West. Club Atlantis, PartyNextDoor's rumored follow-up to his last commercial album, PartyNextDoor 2, is in the works.

Until we get Club Atlantis, listen to "Break Me Down" and "DAMN" below.

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