Last week, Menace, the producer behind Desiigner's "Panda" record, claimed in an interview that Future and Mike Dean both put separate claims on the song over copyright infringement and production credits. Now, the 23-year-old producer is issuing an apology for his statements directly to Super and Dean, as well as Kanye West, who he also mentioned in the interview.

Posting a screenshot of a statement he wrote in his iPhone notes to Twitter, Menace gives a formal apology to the three superstars for "releasing unfounded and sensitive information" in his original conversation with DJ Booth regarding the 2016 hit record.

"I want to formally apologize to Mike Dean, Kanye, Future and their respective teams for releasing unfounded and sensitive information to the media that could have potentially affected their professional integrity," the statement wrote. "They have always been an immense source of inspiration for me and they will always be extremely influential to my work and development as a producer. I hope that, with time, they will be able to accept my apologies."

While Menace did not say that the comments he made about the alleged copyright infringement claims were false, we did already hear from a rep close to Future that said it was "not true." Mike Dean also responded to the producer's comments, stating that he "let the claim go because I have better shit to do than fight with people over BS."

See Menace's full apology to Future, Mike Dean and Kanye West in his statement on Twitter below.

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