The hip-hop crew formerly known as Pacific Division is back with a new high-energy song. Rappers Like, Mibbs and BeYoung, known collectively as Pac Div drop their latest song, "Stoked" today (March 28). XXL has the exclusive premiere.

Over a slow, heavy bass-filled instrumental produced by Like, Pac Div bring their West Coast flavor to the track as they go back and forth with the bars, switching between slow and fast flows. "I'm in your city with a pretty model/I let her bust it wide open off the Henny bottle/Got a million dollar pussy like I hit the lotto," the group raps.

According to the trio, the inspiration for the song came from the feeling you get when you're at a party with your crew. "The inspiration for the song has to do with the familiar feeling of being out wit your boys at a dope event with some money in your pocket enough not to be broke," Mibbs tells XXL. “Stoked means being fully charged up for a good time," BeYoung adds.

Along with the new single, Pac Div have also announced their upcoming album, 1st Baptist. Set to release on April 13, the 10-track project will feature the group's trademark "rangy" sound and West Coast influences, Mibbs tells XXL. "This is just a collection of songs to get fans ready for the next album and projects," he adds.

"1st Baptist is unapologetically Pac Div," says BeYoung, "It's the re-indoctrination of Pac Div." As for the meaning behind the title, Mibbs says, "It's called 1st Baptist because hearing the Div at any point is like hearing the gospel of rap."

But that's not all the "Savages" rappers have in store for fans. The group also dropped a collection of new merchandise. The three-piece collection features two white, short-sleeve shirts and a black, long-sleeve shirt. The shirts each feature the Pac Div name on the front, while the long-sleeve shirt sports a graphic along the arm.

Listen to Pac Div's "Stoked" and check out the tracklist for 1st Baptist below.

Pac Div 1st Baptist Album Tracklist

1. "Players of the Year"
2. "Stoked"
3. "Apt 10"
4. "Time Will Tell"
5. "Gorgeous"
6. "Circle"
7. "No Fux Given"
8. "Hate to Love it"
9. "5 Dolla Bill"
10. "Summertime Fine"

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