In late October, TMZ reported that former Remy Boyz member P-Dice is suing Fetty Wap for $7 million after being cut from "679." Now, P-Dice claims he rejected Fetty's $1 million settlement deal. You can view the clip above courtesy of TMZ.

The reporter asks P-Dice, "Are you still coming for Fetty's head? What's good with the lawsuit?" The Petting Zoo artist replies, "Yeah. You don't take a foot off a nigga's neck until he pays you what he owes you."

P-Dice says that Fetty came at him with a $1 million settlement offer "a couple months back." P-Dice says he rejected the settlement deal, and he says that he won't settle for any less than $3 million. As aforementioned, the original lawsuit was for damages in excess of a whopping $7 million.

The TMZ reporter also asks P-Dice if he'd collaborate with Fetty once the lawsuit is over with. "I can't say I would," Dice says. "I ain't good at being phony. I'm an authentic nigga, so once you show me the fake side, it's over for you ... If the nigga seen me out, he'd probably [pretends to run away]."

In the lawsuit, P-Dice claims that he helped Fetty write the smash hit "679" and that they had a deal entitling the former to 16.9 percent of the song's profits. The version of the song that appeared on Fetty's debut album did not contain P-Dice's vocals, and P-Dice claims Fetty reduced his cut to 5 percent.

P-Dice was also in the news back in April when he was charged with attempted murder.

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