It's safe to say Eminem's been on a good run of late. Recovery was the highest selling album of 2010, he's leading the way for all artists in nominations for this weekend's Grammy Awards, and he, along with his new Shady 2.0 crew, is gracing the cover of our March issue (out newsstands now...go cop it!). To continue the run, this past Sunday, Em starred in two commercials during Sunday's Super Bowl (which turned out to be the most-watched show in TV history), both of which seemed to have gotten generally positive feedback. The Lipton spot was funny; the Chrystler joint was heartfelt tribute to Detroit.

All this got us thinking...there have been more than a few commercials with rappers over the years. Some have been funny, some witty and some just plain old corny. Still, we've had some good ones. So, below, we present to you our 15 favorite. From 50 and Jay to Pac and Snoop to MC Hammer, many of the game's biggest stars have gone commercial.

50 Cent and Jay-Z Get in the Studio for Reebok

50 and Hov were only two of a handful of rappers to get their own sneakers (for others, check out 50 Times Rapper Have Had Their Own Kicks), but since both were signed on with Reebok, the sneaker company managed to get them to drop some bars in the same frame. For what it's worth, their chemistry trading rhymes did seem natural.

Jadakiss Spits a Verse for Allen Iverson's A5

Kiss teamed up with Reebok and the catalyst for merging hip-hop and hoop in the mainstream, Allen Iverson, to help sell The Answer's signature shoes. The visuals were dope and Jada's bars were on point, too: "Check it 'em it's the new A5s, you gotta rock 'em/They even put a zone in the League to try to stop him." And they still couldn't stop him.

Bonus: Jadakiss and Allen Iverson Trade Bars for Reebok's A6

For the next release in the line, Reebok again teamed Jada with AI, but this time Iverson was playing Styles P to Jada's, well, Jada. We ain't mad at you, either, Jewelz.

Memphis Bleek Stars in a Garnier Fructis Music Video

The title basically says it all. The dude who rode around with Hov on "Coming of Age" also went to bat for the product that is "For hair that shines with all its strength." But, hey, why not? Get your Garnier money, Bleek. Fast forward to the 3:00 minute mark.

Styles P Teams with AND1 and Kevin Garnett

Kiss wasn't the only Lox member to team with a sneaker company and a future NBA MVP for a 30-second spot. Way back when KG was on AND1's roster (he later wore Nike and adidas and currently rocks ANTA), The Ghost let you know why you needed his kicks.

Diddy and Aziz Ansari Have a Smooth-Off for Ciroc

The rap-loving comedian tried to prove he was smoother than the mogul himself. Diddy won the competition, but, honestly, we all came out on top.

Bonus: Smooth Talk with Diddy

Diddy shows off his winning smile and again flexes his acting chops in this 30-second clip that got some airplay and laughs.

Biggie Drinks His St. Ides. 'Pac and Snoop Too

St. Ides didn't want to get caught up in any East Coast-West Coast beef. They just wanted to sell some drank. So, in order to help them do that, they enlisted each coast's biggest stars to tell you what to sip on.

2pac and Snoop Love Blueberry St. Ides

Mos Def Really Needs Proper ID to Let Deion Sanders Write a Check

A couple years before emerging on the scene as one half of Black Star, Mighty Mos starred in this look for the Visa Check Card.

Kurtis Blow Tells You to Drink Sprite

Sprite has a long history of using rappers in their commercials, and this trend started with Kurtis Blow in 1986. Yes, he says, "Lemon taste and lime taste/Great limon taste." No, "limon" is not a word.

Kris Kross Also Want You to Drink Sprite

The soda company got on board with Kris Kross at the pint-sized duo's height to make sure all the kids would be drinking that limon soda.

Nas and AZ Prove That Sprite is Really Into This Whole Rapper Commercial Thing

A decade after Kurtis Blow, Nas and AZ went to bat for Sprite. While not as memorable as "Life's a Bitch" or "The Essence," this brief track by Esco and Sosa showed their innate chemistry. "Obey your thirst, kiddd."

Master P's Chain Breaks Things

Taking financial advice from a skinny white dude eating a Snickers, Master P decides to buy an enormous chain that's heavy enough to shatter a glass counter. His chain's heavy, yeah, yeah, his chain's heavy.

Lil Jon Only Says "Yeah" in Songs and Commercials

Subway used Lil Jon's services just so he could eat a sandwich and say "Yeah!" Gotta say, Dave Chappelle did more with the Lil Jon character than this.

MC Hammer Dances on a Roof for Taco Bell

He literally uses his pants as a parachute. That's all you gotta know.

Snoop Hangs Out in a Corny White Couple's Home

Jerry Stiller, AOL CDs and Snoop adding "izzle" to words. Yeah, this one takes us back.

Ludacris' Banned Pepsi Ad

Bill O'Reilly did his best to launch a crusade against Luda and his affiliation with Pepsi. But here's the commercial. "You mad?!"