Open Mike Eagle and Paul White are just a few days away from releasing their new collaboration album, but the duo decided to offer up one last preview of the project. The final sneak peak comes via the track "I Went Outside Today" featuring Aesop Rock.

The new song sees Open Mike Eagle forgoing the use of the hook. Considering the lyrical talents of the two rappers involved, that's far from a bad thing. Both MCs unleash some sharply crafted bars over a vibrant production crafted by Paul White.

"Yeah, I feel so fly today/Emerge from my very narrow heel toe hideaway/My bad, like what people that steal old lighters say/I told the emperor to get real clothes right away/I'm focused enough to knit a whole sleeper quilt/And train tunnels moving through people like a peterbilt/I found where all of my confident voices are/I'm feeling free 20 pounds on my Oyster card/Going ahead with my Dwyane Wade looking ass/I want a stupid mic stand carved from a wooden staff/I'm tryna relive days that I couldn't grab/I looked up what Lena Dunham said and I shouldn't have/I don't know how I ever faced the odds/As a child I played grab ass and shot paper wads/I matriculated up by the grace of five: Muselix, Macrame, Cricket, and Decoupage/I'm tryna find true moments/Rick Martel's cologne can blind you Hogan/The American part of my mind's too swollen/If I was a font I would hate Times New Roman/I travel light like a choir camp/Or modern satellite equipped to spy on a fireant/Which is cool cause them fuckers is dangerous/I'm tryna learn to face it," Open Mike Eagle raps.

Open Mike Eagle and Paul White's Hella Personal Film Festival drops March 25.

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