With 25 years in the game, Onyx is still going hard. On Feb. 16, the Queens trio returned on their newest offering, Black Rock.

The new 12-song project features R.A. The Rugged Man, Optimus, Sickflow, Snak The Ripper, DJ Nelson and Skyzoo on the previously released single, "I'ma Fuckin Rockstar."

"We linked with Skyzoo after we heard the song 'Bamboo' on his Peddler Themes EP; he was basically paying homage to [my] character in the movie Strapped," Fredro Starr reveals to XXL. "The next day we reached out, 'I'ma Fuckin Rockstar' was a perfect fit for Skyzoo. People can expect boom-bap mixed with guitars, but it's what people wont expect that makes this album dope."

Fredro, Sticky Fingaz and Sonny Seeza take a different approach on the project, melding together hip-hop and rock, as the title implies. "The inspiration for the album came from the song 'Judgement Night' we did for the Judgment Night movie soundtrack, hip-hop meets rock and roll!" Fredro adds.

Black Rock follows the release of the album, Shotgunz in Hell with Dope D.O.D., which dropped last May.

Listen to Onyx's new Black Rock album below.

Onyx's Black Rock Tracklist

1. "Onyx!!"
2. "Black Rock" Feat. DJ Nelson
3. "What U Want From Me"
4. "Blinded by the Light" Feat. Optimus
5. "I’ma Fuckin Rockstar" Feat. Skyzoo
6. "Lighters Intro"
7. "Lighters"
8. "Greatest Day" Feat. Optimus
9. "O.D." Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
10."Love Is a Gun"
11."Point Em Out"
12."Chasing the Devil" Feat. Optimus, Sickflow and Snak The Ripper

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X-Ray Records

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